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Starting Out

August 8th, 2006 at 05:41 pm

Okay well that was a great start - lost my entire entry so here I go again.
My debt accummulated as a result of my 5 year Gambling Addiction and now that I am 184 days into my recovery (GA language) it is time to tackle the debt and get focused on achieving some goals other than staying away from Gambling.
With lots of Grace and Blessings I am already well on my way to total recovery but still live my life one day at a time.
And that is about all I am going to say about my Gambling Addiction.
I started Dave Ramsey's TTMO on the 12 July and wanted to keep track of my progress. It is so easy for one to think you are not making progress when you can't look back to the past.
Starting Debt on the 12 July 2006:
Home Remodeling: $345
CC1: $715
Timeshare Levy: $730
Bank Overdraft: $929
Loan from Dad: $857
Swimming Pool Renovation: $1429
Private School Fees: $1219
Car Loan: $11073
Bank Overdraft 2: $7000
CC2: $13716
CC3: $15918
HEL: $57143
First Mortgage: $114286
TOTAL DEBT: $225360
Shocking isn't it. Oh well one day at a time applies here too I think.
Fortunately, I can earn bonuses to pay off some of this debt and my income is above the average.
Will give you an update on my progress on the 12 August - have already made some major changes but I will keep them for my next journal entry.
Now before I lose this entry i am going to "save and publish"
See ya
To all the regular bloggers, I love your journals - they give me such hope