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My Current Challenge... decorating without spending

February 14th, 2007 at 08:24 am

I couldn't wait to get to do my entry today... and share with you my current challenge.

As I mentioned before we are moving into a rental next month on the 17 March, and I really want the apartment to look nice so that the adjustment is not too much of a shock to our system.

But due to lack of funds (still short until my first full paycheck and the house closes) I have created a fun challenge of redecorating without spending ANY money.

My garage is full of DIY stuff that I have accummulated over the years and because we won't have space to store it I either have to use it or turf it.

DD Bedroom: DD desperately wants a pink bedroom (hmmm wonder how long this will last but oh well...)
- found some pale pink paint and am painting the furniture (started the first coat on the bed today)
- linen - into the fabric stash
- cushions - again into the fabric stash and craft cuphoard

Bathroom: found paint that I can use to paint the bathroom tiles (they are blue and black -yuck) so I can paint them white
- accessories - have made bathroom sets using fabric stash

Kitchen - using the same white paint to paint tiles and cuphoards.
- also found some aqua blue and aqua green paint which I will use to contrast some of the tiles
- will make blinds and new dish towels

Will also update debt balances tomorrow or later today...

Hello Everyone - I am back :)

February 13th, 2007 at 06:56 am

Wow I can't believe it is so long since my last entry but so much has happened and there have been many many changes.

I finally decided to:

1. Sell my house
2. Close my business and get a full time position
3. Let my housekeeper go and put my DD into aftercare at school
4. Find a rental in the area so that we can become debt free and save save
5. Set a goal to live on $1720 per month

So far I have managed to:
1. Sell my house - just waiting for the final closing
2. Business: handed in the final books & documents for audit
- started a full time position since the 15 January
(so now I have a regular income - whoopee)
3. Found my housekeeper new employment and moved her to her new employer
- DD into aftercare and thank goodness she is loving it. She says that at least she has playmates everyday after school
4. Found the rental and move on the 17 March - rental only $585 versus the $1715 mortgage payment I have had to make
5. The monthly budget - this will really kick in when I get paid out for my house and I can settle debts but in the meantime, I have reduced my monthly costs considerably.

Look forward to hearing from everyone.

It is great to be back

Smile Smile