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Continuing the journey of financial success...

July 7th, 2016 at 04:07 pm

Hi everyone, have seriously lost focus over the past year or even longer. Am still debt free but havent managed to save what I was meant to save and have become really slack about minding my finances.
Decided it was time to come back to the group, who understands, encourages, knows the thrills of taking on the goals and challenges of the impossible i.e. getting to debt freedom, staying debt free and achieving financial freedom.
So hello...

All good plans...

August 12th, 2006 at 03:51 pm

Why is it when you want to do so much nothing happens the way it is meant to?

DD started with temp last night & woke up this morning with a sore throat. So off to the doctor - strep throat and sinusitis $26 for the consult and then $42 for the meds. I felt so sorry for her, at this age they are so listless when they are sick. So I have been trying to keep her entertained and quiet.

Did manage to get to the library though, figured she would need some books to keep her entertained. Contributed $4 for late books and made a donation of some brand new books I was finished with - otherwise I would have ended up paying $23.

The good news though is that I found a generic for my Chronic Meds so instead of paying $60 each month it will only cost $10 Yeah a nice saving.

Went to the store but was really disciplined and only bought what we really needed - spent $5.43

Hopefully DD will want to go to bed early tonight and I can get into my sewing room for a couple of hours.

Plans for the weekend:
1. Finish DD sweats and make her a skirt
2. Sell some old clothes
3. Clean the swimming pool
4. Return books to the library - they are late so I will be contributing to their income -DONE
5. Take my new Serger Sewing machine to the Bernina shop. They think that they can sell it for me.

See ya tomorrow...Smile

What a start to the day...

August 10th, 2006 at 09:17 am

Overslept - woke at 09am when DD friend arrived to play. Thank goodness I work from home and don't have a clock watching boss.
Then just to make me even later, I discovered that I had run out of my Chronic Meds and we needed some grocery essentials.
Off to the pharmacy - $60 later - I have to sort out my medical insurance (why is it that my disorganisation always ends up costing me money).
Spend another $25 at the grocery store for really basic essentials - why is it that when the gas price goes up everything else goes up. Frown

Goals for Today:
1. Call 10 clients for followup appointments DONE
2. Update account plans for these 10 clients NOT DONE
3. Tidy out office and put aside extra supplies so that I am not constantly looking for stuff or rushing out to buy. DONE
4. Sewing room - 2hours - need to finish daughters sweats NOt DONE
5. Tidy house for 15 minutes DONE
6. Bake cookies while preparing dinner tonight NOT DONE

Back to work...

I am off to bed - just too tired tonight to do anymore.

Will check in tomorrow