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Yeah - I got booked for overtime...

August 21st, 2009 at 02:36 pm

The only way I get to save now, is by working overtime and I just heard today that I can get 3 extra shifts over the next 2 weekends. Whoopee - it means that I get to save $560 at the end of September. (We get paid overtime worked at the end of the following month).

Now that I am back on a salary, I find that every penny is budgeted for unless there is overtime pay. With the economy the way it is though, we only get overtime when there is someone off sick or on vacation - so I take it whenever I can get it.

Spent today:
Gas $20
Headache meds: $4.40
Chronic Meds: Nil (there was no co-pay)

What I am seeing that is if I am disciplined everyday and avoid the "little incidental expenses" I just don't spend as much money.

For the first in ages, I still have some money left in my bank account at the end of the month - $28 - not much I know, but psychologically it is a huge achievement for me AND pay day is Tuesday 25 August. Will move this balance into my savings/EMF fund then.

My savings/EMF has a whole $87.50 in it but again it's a start.

In May after securing my full-time nursing position, I decided (after lots of soul searching) to look at Debt Management because my creditors were bugging me so much and their demands were getting more and more unreasonable.
After the debt assessment, I decided to do it and now I pay $330 per month to the Debt Management attorney and they distribute it to each of my debts.

I no longer get harrassing phone calls AND am not allowed to live on or apply for any credit - which suits me just fine. I am so much more relaxed and every month just pay the money and I can live on the balance.

So all in all a good day - who would have thought that I could get excited about working extra shifts... just goes to show how things have changed Smile

Have a good day...

Hello - I am lost without this blog...

August 19th, 2009 at 01:05 pm

Have tried for ages to resist the temptation of keeping this blog (and of course reading everyone's daily entries) but today I decided "tough, I enjoy the contact and the support".

One of the benefits of blogging here is that it keeps one focused and "true to yourself" - I have been away for months now and today I woke up thinking "I am just drifting along and not monitoring my progress, one day just flows into the next and then the month is over and I start all over again".

So here I am again Smile

Updates - with the economy taking such a tumble and the increased risk of being self-employed, I decided to return to life as a Registered Nurse.

Getting a post with somewhat regular hours, a liveable salary and benefits took about 2 months but I am now settled and finally getting used to being back in the hospital environment. Have been in my current position for 4 months already - can't believe it has gone so fast.

Have had so many challenges along the way, not least of which was getting DD to adjust to the fact that I no longer work from home and that my time is not as flexible as it used to be.

Medical Insurance
Retirement funding/savings plan
Paid vacation
13th Cheque
Group benefits
Overtime - can work an extra 48 hours a month, which makes a huge difference to my nett income

Work away from home
Inflexibility of hours
Less time to do stuff for ME!!!

As you can see the disadvantages are minor when compared with the advantages and I have a stable income - even if it is less on average than what I could potentially earn (potentially being the operative word).

Am going to delete/update the Author Info now as much of it has changed or is no longer relevant.

See you tomorrow