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Savings Increasing...

August 12th, 2016 at 06:49 pm

When God has a plan, and we are willing to go along everything works perfectly. Just after my last entry, my aunt gifted me $7000 quite unexpectedly. When she told me I was so astounded that I was speechless - it took me days to really get my mind around it. Gratitude and more gratitude - that is all I can say.
All the money was saved! $1000 into the Mini EMF. $6000 into the Retirement Savings. Done!
I am so grateful that I am debt free otherwise all of it would have had to go to paying down debt.
Haven't had much time to blog, the study load this semester is just huge. Have spent more than I should on takeout because of deadlines for assignments and projects. And of course haven't been able to work any additional shifts. Keep telling myself it will all be over in 3 months time and then I can have my life back!!
Love reading everyone's daily entries - gives me a break from the books! Take care...

Oh my goodness... how things have changed...

July 8th, 2016 at 02:06 pm

went to return DVD's today and was about to pop into the convenience store for Coke and a snack and realised that I couldn't or shouldn't being doing any of that anymore. So just got fresh bread and left.Our DVD contract costs us $10.66 per month and allows us to take out 4 DVD's per day as long as they are not in the "New Releases" section. Most months we take out about 60 DVD's so it costs in the region of $0.77 each.
This is our only form of entertainment, as we dont have cable and avoid the movie houses, internet is just for education i.e. link up to dstance university for me and reserach for my daughter.
My last result for the past semester was published to day and I managed 3 distinctions out of the 4 exams I wrote - was so excited as the exams were really tough.
Have already paid my costs for the new semested which starts on Monday R6600 ($440) and my text books came to R2300 ($153). Really not too bad considered that I am going to graduate with an honours program as well.
Todays challenge:
# Tidy away the clutter in the sitting area
# Laundry - 2 loads
# Kitchen - handwash dishes (no dishwasher), tidy and dust
# Supper - roast chicken and roast vegetables
# Watch DVD after the kitchen is clean and tidy after supper
# Complete and submit the 1st assignment for this semester once the universities website comes back on line.

Lately, I have also lost my routine. Going to bed too late means that I am too tired to get up in the morning SO from tonight I have to be in bed by 10:30 latest when I am not working the next day.

On work days, bedtime must be 20:30 as I get up at 05:30 and work 12 hour shifts sometimes longer if I have surgical procedures that take longer.

Well lets see how much progress I can make this semester both academically, financially and of being organised.
Have a good day everyone.