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Saving Advice increases my productivity...

July 10th, 2016 at 04:37 pm

...otherwise I have nothing to write about Smile.
Today I got up late, but determined to have a really productive day - created a To Do List:
Send in a 3 for 1 offer: send the receipt for my free unit for my purchase of 3 bottles of vitamins DONE.
Check email and clear old emails for 10 minutes (only!) DONE
Cook and freeze
- apple crumble (use up the apples in the fridge) DONE
- bran muffins (to take to work) DONE
- chicken pies DONE
Make homemade granola cereal DONE - it is so expensive in the store. Making it from scratch is healthier and more affordable.
DD needs more pillowcases to match her bed linen. She was given a double bed from my aunt and last weekend I adjusted the duvet cover, which I made in December. Fortunately, I embroidered (by machine) extra pieces of fabric so it shouldn't take too long to make the extra pillowcases. DONE
Oh and I also need to make another big pillow - fortunately I have left over fabric and the filling from old pillows. NOT DONE
Worked out my study schedule for the semester and now I really wish I was finished - it is so time consuming. 17 Assignments due by the 26 September and exams start on the 19 October.
My biggest challenge during the semester is balancing everything. Spending time with my daughter, staying on budget, no takeout, making sure I get enough sleep and that my stress levels stay within reasonable levels.

No spend day - yeah!!

Well I now need to get some studying done - see you tomorrow...

Oh my goodness... how things have changed...

July 8th, 2016 at 02:06 pm

went to return DVD's today and was about to pop into the convenience store for Coke and a snack and realised that I couldn't or shouldn't being doing any of that anymore. So just got fresh bread and left.Our DVD contract costs us $10.66 per month and allows us to take out 4 DVD's per day as long as they are not in the "New Releases" section. Most months we take out about 60 DVD's so it costs in the region of $0.77 each.
This is our only form of entertainment, as we dont have cable and avoid the movie houses, internet is just for education i.e. link up to dstance university for me and reserach for my daughter.
My last result for the past semester was published to day and I managed 3 distinctions out of the 4 exams I wrote - was so excited as the exams were really tough.
Have already paid my costs for the new semested which starts on Monday R6600 ($440) and my text books came to R2300 ($153). Really not too bad considered that I am going to graduate with an honours program as well.
Todays challenge:
# Tidy away the clutter in the sitting area
# Laundry - 2 loads
# Kitchen - handwash dishes (no dishwasher), tidy and dust
# Supper - roast chicken and roast vegetables
# Watch DVD after the kitchen is clean and tidy after supper
# Complete and submit the 1st assignment for this semester once the universities website comes back on line.

Lately, I have also lost my routine. Going to bed too late means that I am too tired to get up in the morning SO from tonight I have to be in bed by 10:30 latest when I am not working the next day.

On work days, bedtime must be 20:30 as I get up at 05:30 and work 12 hour shifts sometimes longer if I have surgical procedures that take longer.

Well lets see how much progress I can make this semester both academically, financially and of being organised.
Have a good day everyone.

Continuing the journey of financial success...

July 7th, 2016 at 04:07 pm

Hi everyone, have seriously lost focus over the past year or even longer. Am still debt free but havent managed to save what I was meant to save and have become really slack about minding my finances.
Decided it was time to come back to the group, who understands, encourages, knows the thrills of taking on the goals and challenges of the impossible i.e. getting to debt freedom, staying debt free and achieving financial freedom.
So hello...