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Another lesson taught and learnt...

April 5th, 2013 at 11:18 am

by DD tonight Smile Smile

DD helped the lady living in the apartment next door to us today, with carrying her Avon boxes upstairs and was rewarded with a very nice hand cream. Of course DD was very quick to take it to her room - then I suggested that we add it to the "gift box" and I would give her $2 towards the computer fund.

Whoopee! We both won!!!

And then... DD needed me to print some information for a school question sheet and I realised we needed a printer cartridge. I was pretty resigned to buying one until I saw how much they cost at the normal retailers - ouch! $49 - even though it is for an older printer which uses the larger size cartridge I just thought "no way Jose" - not this time.

Called DD and explained that I had the information on the computer already all she had to was sit at the desk and copy it down - in return - wait for it: another $2 for her computer fund!!

Another win AND the new balance for the computer stands at $76!!!!

And approximately $55 stays in mine for both items. (I can do without the printer cartridge until I go past the discount outlet in a couple of weeks.)

Will open a side bar for the computer fund so she also look from time to time.

I kept telling myself today that it is the little things that add up everyday that make the biggest difference...

Speak to you tomorrow...

2 Responses to “Another lesson taught and learnt...”

  1. snafu Says:

    What's the rational for such expensive cartridge refills? Can your particular cartridge brands be 'refilled?' Is there is a refill outlet on your usual route? I've noticed it can be cheaper to buy a new printer on sale - complete with a cartridge than to buy a new cartridge. Have you seen refills for your specific printer on CraigsList, Kijijji or Buy 'n Sell in your community? People whose machines have gone kaput will sell working cartridges. Try the 'Wanted' section

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Good thinking on saving.

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