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Haven't been here a while...

March 30th, 2013 at 01:21 pm

Have had to finish 7 assignments- all due by the end of April but decided that was too close to exams so just got stuck in and got them done and out the way by the 26 Mar. Finished the last one on Tuesday (26 Mar) and then realised that exams start in 5 weeks time and I haven't even finished reviewing my course materials - yikes !!!
Managed to put in 9 hours today on one of my subjects and catchup some of it and tomorrow I will try for another marathon day...
On the money side, we had a really tight March because I settled that outstanding tax bill - but still managed to meet all our commitments.
We got an increase at work 7.2% . I was ecstatic in these economic times it was very generous. Already allocated part of the increase to my pension fund, some to debt reduction and some for pleasure i.e. plan to transfer to a gym around the corner so that DD and I can swim/train all year round.
I love my job as well so the increase has made it even better how cool is that.
We are into the beginning of autumn here and can already see the days are shortening and the evening/morning temperatures are dropping.  I really dont enjoy winter here we are just not equipped for the winter but then I guess we must be one of the few countries in the world who can have a -3C with bright sunny days and a wind chill factor of a further -5C. But it is really is not so long and spring starts again early September, with a few left over cold spells.
Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Easter tomorrow (if you celebrate Easter) will pop back again soon
See ya

1 Responses to “Haven't been here a while...”

  1. snafu Says:

    You've identified terrific cost avoidances but that's not quite the same as putting your 7.2% pay raise to visible use. Can you clear your NB Loan quickly and then snowball the sum you were paying there to CC [GB] currently about $ 800. whittling down to zero? What can you do to reduce spending in some of your categories? Do you use a menu plan to keep a lid on food costs and waste issues? Terrific to see you've paid off overdraft, school fees and taxes. Is there anything you can do to reduce transportation expenses by planning errands in conjunction with other destinations? Do gas outlets have unadvertised discount days or discount coupons? Do you plan vehicle maintenance to avoid mechanical issues in the future?

    I know these are small savings but somehow they add up significantly in a year. You've not listed interest rates but it's shocking how much they add to our disbursements. How much have you paid in interest since the 1st of the year?

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