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Taxes are paid up … at last…

February 25th, 2013 at 11:16 am

$4294 paid in full since April last year – just can’t believe that this outstanding tax is finally paid! It has been outstanding since April 2009 but I was just not able to pay and then finally last year I called them and made the necessary arrangements.

I actually had another 2 months to pay off the remaining $1000 but decided to just go for it and clear it – so that’s what I did.

My reasoning whilst I was setting my budget for March 2013 was I looked at my situation:
now that I have the new car (yes I got it on Tuesday last week!! Smile) and it has a 5 year warrantee and maintenance plan and...
I have medical insurance with enough in the savings portion for acute/emergency events and... there is enough money to cover all our regular monthly expenses so...
I decided to use most of our EMF to get rid of this monthly budget item – so there is a grand total of $100 left in the EMF!!!

At the end of March, I will get the EMF back to where it should be and then start snowballing the rest of my debts – roll-on December 2013.

We got paid today, so for the salary period for February we managed a total of 12 NSD – a record for us. It definitely made a huge difference to the way that I had to plan our meals and make sure that we used what we had – it reduced number of errands & saved mileage/gas.

For the month of March we are going to try for 14 NSD and hopefully as we get more organized we will get better at achieving them.

I found February to be especially challenging and am really pleased that it is now nearly over – I don’t know why I felt so pressured most of the time, tired and just somewhat unsettled. Maybe the car story, maybe because we have been so busy at work, DD just starting high school, I’ve just started studying again – who knows?

The past few days have been better, we seem to be working out a routine that works better for DD and myself – things are starting to feel more manageable and DD has been helping more around the house.

Even small daily improvements over time make a big difference - this is what I tell myself Smile

Will update the side panel next time… take care…

5 Responses to “Taxes are paid up … at last…”

  1. snafu Says:

    Well done clearing that old, outstanding tax debt. Hope you are enjoying your new car. How do you budget for insurance and operations [gas] ? Having managed 12 NSD for February, will you challenge yourself to at least 12 NSDs for March even if it takes more planning?

    We notice there is sunshine earlier in the AM and the days are noticeably longer making us more energetic and willing to take on etra projects. Do you think that adds to your improved attitude?

  2. freeme journey Says:

    Hi there, I set the goal for March for 14 NSD - hoping that I can achieve it.
    The gas and insurance are in my monthly expenses - the gas amount has actually come down (my old car was a gas guzzler) and my insurance only went up $9 because I have done several advanced driving courses and no accidents.
    My "improved attitude" - nope not the early morning influence, we are 9 hours ahead of the USA so I am making my entry at 9pm at night (same as you - aren't you in Dubai?). As I mentioned I found Feb very pressured - maybe that is what came through in my entries.
    Take care...

  3. Jerry Says:

    Having that health insurance is a big deal right now, lots of people are without, or otherwise unable to afford it. Glad that your car leads to a bit less on the fuel front, that can make a huge difference depending on how much you need to drive!

  4. freeme journey Says:

    Thanks Jerry - I am very grateful for the health insurance package our hospital group gives us, I sleep very well knowing that we are covered for all eventualities if we get treatment from the hospital group I work for.
    Am loving the lower usage of fuel - I have been driving for 12 days now and it has only used 20 litres!! In my old car, after 12 days I would be looking at almost filling it up again.
    So smiles and gratitude all round Smile Smile

  5. customcollegeessays.com/blog/funny-history-essay Says:

    I think that very many people also like you this month was incredibly difficult and expensive because the tax period begins.

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