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Whoa we did it - 10 No Spend Days...

February 18th, 2013 at 10:20 am

and we still have 6 days till pay day(with not much to spend anyway!!!! Smile Smile)

Even DD has almost forgotten what it is like to pop in to the store on the way home from work - I LOVE IT!

Seriously, work was long...... my back is completely locked up and I had to get someone to help me lift, pick up things and generally get stuff done. Pretty much useless. Frown

It is my study day tomorrow so at least I won't be on my feet all day and only have to take and fetch DD from school. Do you think the horizontal study position will work? No? Me neither but it was worth a thought!!!

My To Do List for today:
- Ironing NOPE
- Study 2 hours NOPE
- Clean apartment (quick vacuum & dust)NOPE
- Cook supper OUT THE FREEZER
- Call to reinstate car insurance (was reduced to minimal while driving my friends car)NOPE
- Change DDs orthodontist appt YES!
- Oh and of course go to work! YES!

Jokes aside, I got through the day and now I am heading off to bed to that horizontal position.

See you tomorrow... take care...

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