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Family challenges...

September 10th, 2006 at 11:06 am

we love them, we hate them but what would we do without them.

I have a brother (DB1) with bi polar disorder, who has just opted out of life (the way we know it) - we have just found out that he has been living on the streets for 4 weeks. Oh this is so distressing, I feel like my heart is going to break and so helpless but at the same time, know that there is little or nothing I can do.

My other brother (DB2) went to try and help him and managed to get some outpatient treatment for him and "sheltered accommodation". At least he has a bedroom to go to everynight and DB1 feels content to roam around and return every night to this room to sleep, eat & shower.

As I write this all down, I am sobbing my heart out - it is so hard to reconcile the brother I know with this one who has just opted out and basically drifting through the days.

I wish I could help him and take away all the problems and get him back BUT he says that he is happy.

I can't carryon with this entry now... will try again later.

5 Responses to “Family challenges...”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Oh I am so sorry. I have a similar situation with my brother. I think he is undiagnosed bi-polar. It is heartbreaking for parents & siblings who would help if he'd allow it. Be thankful yours is willing to be helped!

  2. StressLess Says:

    Things may yet change for the better. Don't give up hope.

    My BIL has bipolar, and things were pretty bad at one point. He lived in his car for awhile, and my inlaws had to call the police once because he was waving scissors at them. It's true that he hasn't been able to work a regular job for years, but OTOH he's become the primary caregiver for my FIL and MIL. When my FIL was terminally ill, he largely took care of the tracheotomy, feeding tube, etc. He now helps my MIL with insulin injections that she hasn't got the hang of yet. (All this with no medical background.)

    He stays on his medication and so long as he doesn't have too much stress, he manages pretty well. He cooks, he putters, and keeps in touch with family and friends. Not the life he planned, I'm sure, but not terrible either.

    Keep the faith!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    My Aunt Kathy has been on and off her bipolar meds so many times I grew up never knowing what I was getting into when I saw her. She has settled down finally now in her 50's and has been consistently on her meds for seven years. The problem has always been the meds always made her feel so great and normal she thought she was fine so she went off them and then the decline always came. I hope your brother will eventually settle into the idea that the meds are needed no matter how good you feel and that his way of living won't always distress you. He may come out of it. There is always hope.

  4. boomeyers Says:

    So sorry to hear you are unhappy. I know it is frustrating. I realize you can't really take comfort when he thinks he is happy, but really does'nt understand that he is living dangerously. Good luck to you and DB2 in getting him help.

  5. freeme journey Says:

    Thank you for all the kind responses - we have made some progress but I think it will take a while to get everything sorted out.

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