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Resisting the urge to pop to the store...

September 7th, 2006 at 02:45 am

and get a few things but I know when I get there there will be a "few more things and before I know it the cart will be full".

So as I gaze into my nearly depleted pantry, I think about how the no spend days really make a difference to the amount of money you spend *sigh*

And then I see the 4 boxes of macaroni and a packet of pasta and wonder what on earth I can make that is healthy (DD needs vegetables) and different (not mac & cheese).

Then a trip to the freezer and guess what we have a chicken left - problem solved: Roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables yummy....

So yet again the store trip is postponed - wonder how many more days I can go without shopping?

Will need to check the bread & milk levels (I buy in bulk and freeze) - that usually determines when I need to go to the store. Just checked about another 3 days worth - so Sunday I will be doing the shopping.

BTW my Dad has invited myself and DB out for dinner tonight - amazing how much we appreciate all the treats when paying down debt is the goal.

I have been so slack this month - haven't even started on my list of September goals. Looked at it the other night for 2 seconds and then carried on reading everyone elses journals... these journals are addictive. I seem to spend more time here than anywhere else but it so good to know that there is a group of us working towards the same goal


now whose journal can I read next ... Smile Smile

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