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DD's Friends & Birthdays AND No Spend Days...

September 1st, 2006 at 06:09 am

I thought today would be a no spend day - forgot that DD had a Birthday party to go to and I hadn't bought a gift or made anything. Decided to give her some money to spend rather than rush out and buy junk. $7 - an odd amount I know but I convert all our local currencies into USD so that it is easier for you to relate to.

As I was giving out money I gave DD her allowance $3 and I am hoping that is all the money I have to part with until Monday.

Sold some more stuff yesterday - another $19.29 to EMF
New Total: $258.29

Also got DD to make a Birthday Greeting card for her friend so I will add another $1 to the $20 challenge = $46.86

Just checking my diary and see that I achieved 15 NO SPEND days - really happy about that. New Challenge - need to try to get them to be consecutive but either way I'll take them.

Will update my debt balances as soon as all automatic debits go off my checking account.

BTW haven't done a thing off my To Do List for September - tommorrow ... *sigh*

1 Responses to “DD's Friends & Birthdays AND No Spend Days...”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Hi! Saw the pic of you and your DD on the adoption website. I'm sure she has grown into a beautiful little girl!
    Good job getting your daughter to make a card! I just bought quite a few today at the store and it was $21.00!!!! Yikes! Should have worked harder to make or find one at home I already had!
    Congrats on the no spend days run! Super job!

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