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Had a good weekend...

January 13th, 2008 at 11:35 am

managed to get quite a lot of things done:

- shopping DONE
- finish sewing book bags for the Grade 0 children (I was paid for them last year and have a few more to do)NOT DONE
- laundry DONE
- label and cover books for school for DD DONE
- Goals for next week i.e. sales activities DONE
- clean apartment NOT DONE
- baking - muffins, cookies, DONE
- cooking - chicken pies & casserole NOT DONE - forgot to take the chicken out the freezer Duh???

* Just very tired tonight - think it is the stress of worrying/thinking about month end and our finances. Amazing how this just drains ones energy levels.

* Had a no-spend day - didn't even use the car
* Got DD to tidy her room again - she is so untidy and all I seem to do is nag. Help - any ideas???

Being so busy making ends meet I find that I am not even thinking about gambling which is wonderful and just shows how much progress I have made. In the past I would have headed out to the casino with whatever money I could find and try to "win some quick cash". Even as I am writing this, my reaction is "oh how stupid can you be - use what you've got wisely". OH the lessons we learn...

When my mom passed away 4 years ago, I inherited a whole lot of original oil paintings and her silver tea set. I love the paintings but hate the silver tea set. So I spoke to my brother yesterday and asked him if he wanted it - he doesn't. Then asked if he would mind if I sell it - he said "I think that is a good idea, at least it will help you financially."

So today I spent some time researching the maker - it was made in the UK and has all kinds of original markings and dates. Seems like it is quite rare so I linked into Sotheby's (the auctioneers) and sent them an email and asking for advice. Let's see what they say. I am hoping they will be able to help me sell it as it could be worth in excess of $2000.

I have such mixed feeling about this - I feel guilty selling something that my Mom really loved but I just don't like it and no-one else in the family wants it. Maybe someone will get pleasure from it which is better than it lying in the top of the cuphoard.

Well I am going to read some of the other journals and then off to bed (we are 9 hours ahead of you so it is 9.30pm here versus your 12.30pm East Coast).

See you tomorrow...

5 Responses to “Had a good weekend...”

  1. M E Says:

    On quite a few shows I have seen that deal with getting rid of things (usually it is tons of clutter) the organizing specialist tells people who are reluctant to get rid of an item that a family member gave them is that by getting rid of the item doesn't equate to getting rid of the person and/or the memories of the person and/or the item.

  2. JanH Says:

    Maybe you could take some pictures of the silver and then keep a copy with pictures of your mom. Then, you'll have the memory which is the most important part--just like ME says. I've started doing this with kid things so I can let go of things we don't need to store anymore, but love the memories they bring.

  3. mom-sense Says:

    I inherited several high-price items from my grandmother, but my favorite is her jewelry box of costume jewelry from the 50s and 60s. I am now parting with the expensive onces (actually gave two lladros to a friend of mine who loves them). I do like the idea of taking pictures and tucking those away with other memories. Good luck getting the best price for your treasures.

  4. scfr Says:

    It is hard to let go of family pieces, I know, but you did the right thing by checking with other family members to see if they wanted it. If no one wants it, I think it's fine to "release it back to the universe." You may want to contact replacements.com to see how much they will pay for it. They buy things outright, instead of auctioning.

  5. fern Says:

    I've felt the same way when i disposed of a number of items that belonged to my grandmother. I like Jan's idea of taking a photo of it.

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