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Looked for Discounts & found them...

August 30th, 2006 at 05:35 am

Had to take DD to a friend today & stopped at the mall to get a few things:
1. Monthly meds for DD - some on discount saved $4.57 - spent $27
2. Personal things for me - saved on discount price plus I used a gc so saved $4.29

$20 Challenge
$37 now $45.86

Got to keep this momentum up...

BTW Sold some more stuff yesterday and made another $86

EMF Now $239

Amazing how quickly everything adds up...

Looking back - achieved more than I thought...

August 30th, 2006 at 05:26 am

While making up my Goals for September & paging back through my diary I found debt balances from the 1 April 2006.

Check this out:

Home Remodeling: $345 / PAID
CC1: $715 / $ 714
Timeshare Levy: $746 / PAID
Bank Overdraft: $943 / $754
Loan from Dad: $1714 / $643
Swimming Pool Renovation: $1429 / $1429
Private School Fees: $1900 / $899
Car Loan: $12080 / $10478
Bank Overdraft 2: $11689 / $6857
CC2: $15652 / $13100
CC3: $18336 / $15714
HEL: $57143/ $56643
First Mortgage: $114286/$113714
TOTAL DEBT: $236 978 / $220 945

Paid: $16 033 since the 1 April 2006

I would never have thought that this was possible and looking back I really don’t know how it was done???????

Wait – Prayer & Blessings have a lot to do with this outcome Smile

So much To Do...

August 30th, 2006 at 05:04 am

I always feel time challenged (nice way of saying out of control) with so much to do and not enough time to do it!!!!

So I am going to use my journal to track some To Do Items for September and lets see what happens

1. Company Audit - prepare, organise and file documents for audit
2. Sewing Order - finish 15 children's chefs jackets (for a Restaurant Chain doing an in house promotion)
3. Garage Sale - go through cubhoards for extra curtains, cushions etc and add to garage sale. Finish this by the end of September and then donate whatever is left to charity
4. Dog's Kennel - clean out and put in new bedding
5. Personal filing - my in tray is FULL and I need to file all my statements, invoices etc
6. Achieve 15 no spend days during September
7. Car inspection for new car insurance
8. Accreditation on new product that I sell
9. Spend 15 minutes everyday sorting out or tidying up around the house
10. Library books - get them back on time so I don't have to pay a fine
11. Vacation - need to confirm our booking for 7 days in October (using Dad's timeshare)
12. Evaluate new business oppportunity - training & development for Hospitality Industry
13. Oil Change on car
14. Wall hanging - finished but not mounted on a rod yet
15. Fetch new Passport & apply for DD's passport
16. TV support in sewing room - move it lower
17. Bedroom curtains - need to shorten (they have been too long since I moved to this house nearly 5 years ago) *sigh*
18. Utilities - refund due from overcharge
19. Make blinds for dressing room
20. Move furniture to make space for Mom's Kist and Great Grandmothers original treadle sewing machine
21. VCR for repair on extended warrantee contract
22. Wall Safe (Lock Box) need to install and fix to the wall
22. Medical Insurance - sort this out once and for all
23. Weightloss - get focused and lose 6.5 - 10 pounds by the 30 September
24. Spending log - make sure everything I spend is logged
25. Look for ways to increase the $20 challenge to $200

*feeling overwhelmed*

but want to see how far I get now that everything is "written" down...

The Con ... Credit Card Loyalty Rewards

August 29th, 2006 at 09:05 am

I am NOT impressed - CC3 is a Visa CC issued by one of our banks but linked into the biggest store chain in South Africa. They have a list of discounted items every month and credit your card with the savings at the end of every 30 day period.

I decided that since we don't get to do coupons here in SA that I would try out the CC - well they have just credited my card with... wait for it...

TaDa... $1.04

So that's it with this credit card - its gone.

This is one way that is not going to get my debt paid off.

I am going to freeze it in a bowl of water for emergencies only.

I really thought I would save at least some money but really a $1 is beyond comprehension when you consider that I spent $242.71 in the past 30 days.

Will add the $1 to my $20 challenge anyway....

Budget software...

August 29th, 2006 at 06:29 am

Decided it was time to compare the Dave Ramsay Get out of Debt Plan with the Debt into Wealth Plan.

I paid for the The Debt into Wealth Plan about 4 years ago and used it for a while and then just stopped.

Entered all my debts and setup a monthly budget and...
1. The order to pay off the debts alter significantly from Dave's plan
2. The interest rates and length of loan/debt period are all calculated so that you can see how much you are actually saving i.e. in interest
3. At the end of paying off each debt, you can choose to use your accelerator (snowball) to have some fun and celebrate or just keep going. Hmmm... somewhere in here there has to be a balance. Really like the idea of a treat at the end of each debt payoff - also gives DD something to look forward to.
4. Helps you calculate the payoff date for your mortgage - now that I really liked. These vague numbers i.e. about 4 years drive me insane - I like to know exactly how much by when. Smile
5. Everything is automated so everytime you save on the monthly budgeted amount it carries it straight into the accelerator (snowball).


Paid some more off my CC3 today - feeling good about that.

Waiting for my work expenses to be reimbursed for July (I did them late) and for August (can finalise them on the 31 August) then I can reduce the CC3 balance more Smile

I am feeling kinda weird at the moment all I think about is "how can I earn more money to pay off debt" or "nope, I am not buying that it is a luxury or a want" - I NEVER used to think like this, very different.

Better get back to work...

Saving Money like crazy...

August 28th, 2006 at 11:00 am

BTW I have started a new pay period - got paid on the 25 August so next pay day is 25 September:

Had a really productive weekend - DD slept over at DB's so I had Saturday and Sunday morning to get some things done:

1. Finished DD's skirt (at last)
2. Altered another of DD's skirts - had to put a zipper in because her tummy is a wee bit larger - too much junk Smile
3. Mended & altered a sweatsuit for DD
4. Made 2 pairs of sweatpants for DD
5. Made a pair of play jeans for DD
Estimated savings: $30
Spent $14 on 2 new patterns and a piece of fabric for her summer wardrobe.

Figured I still saved $16 which I am adding to $20 challenge.

Grocery shopping - done but very basic supplies bought, no snacks, no treats except for a tub of ice cream,just what we needed to make meals from scratch:
$58 spent

Dog Food for 3 dogs: $47 for about 3-4 weeks supply

Garage Sale: Priced everything - sold some stuff to a friend $50 - to go to EMF

Clothes sold: $23 to EMF

EMF New Balance: $153

$20 Challenge Balance: $36

Have paid off some more debt but will only update the balances on the 1 September after all the automatic payments go out of my account.

This journal is really a fun way to keep me on track - everytime I think about spending money I stop and imagine the debt balances - talk about an instant reality check.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and encouragement.

BTW I really enjoyed my Friday afternoon - read my book and snoozed Smile

Cable TV decision made for me...

August 28th, 2006 at 09:32 am

After all my debating the Cable TV decision was made for me.

We have huge electrical storms here - lots of lightning and thunder - can you see where this is going?

The satellite dish was hit by lightning on Saturday night Frown

To have it fixed will cost about $120 and then who knows how long until the next storm - decided that we could survive without it so I cancelled our subscription today.

Okay so unwilling savings: $60 per month on the subscription - am going to put it into the EMF tomorrow.

New balance on EMF: $80 (I am having a good laugh here)

200 days achieved...

August 24th, 2006 at 04:42 am

I did it, I did it, I did it - 200 days of no gambling.

For those of you who don't think addictions exist, from my heart I can tell you it DOES and it is soul destroying. Addictions eat away at the very essence of you and leave you empty until the next fix.

I am so proud of myself - sorry but this time I am doing the praising Smile

I can't tell you how exciting my life now looks (even with the huge debt balance). Every day I give thanks that I have been Blessed with the opportunity to make things right in my life and for the Grace of forgiveness...

Sorry this is so soppy but honest...

To celebrate I am taking the afternoon off. My reward - I am going to read my book and have a snooze just because I can - oh the simple things that we forget about when we are caught up in the throes of addiction....

Recovered from the blues...

August 24th, 2006 at 04:35 am

Feeling much better today - sorry about the rambling yesterday, very boring for those reading my journal.

THANKS for all the encouragement and comments on my last couple of entries.

I used to have a journal here a couple of years ago but used a login name that was similar to my business name and was concerned that my clients may do a name search and link into the journal. Jeff very kindly deleted all those entries and I was able to start again.

The difference between then and now is that I hadn't accepted that I have/had a gambling addiction so the money saving entries were more a matter of survival than really saving money.

Wow I have come a long way...

Still on track...

August 23rd, 2006 at 01:45 pm

What I did today to save money:
1. Baked while I was cooking dinner:
- Baked muffins for freezing - used ingredients from the pantry
- Made choc-chip cookies for the cookie jar
2. Almost finished DD's second skirt - made from my stash of fabrics

Now I am off to bed...

Why are we so tough on ourselves...

August 23rd, 2006 at 01:38 pm

There is a saying that "there is nothing like the pressure we place on ourselves". Think that is my problem at the moment...

If someone were to ask if I was doing everything possible to get out of debt I would have to admit "nearly everything".

Areas I need to still sort out:
1. Cancel cable TV = $55 savings. Having a tough time with this one - I love cable TV and have the TV on while I am sewing. I don't ever just sit and do nothing in front of the TV. Think I am going to give it one more month and see if I can cover the cost through my sewing orders/income/clothes savings etc.

2. Garage Sale - still need to price things. Money from this is going to my EMF

3. Medical insurance - the cost of the insurance will balance out with what I am currently paying for Dr/Dentist/Meds etc. BUT more importantly I will have the peace of mind that we have it.

4. CC3 - used it again during August just to get through the month for absolute necessities ie groceries, gas.
Need to get my income up to cover this with cash.

Progress I have made:
1. Baking & cooking from scratch - no take outs during August

2. Used up leftovers

3. Selling clothes I no longer wear

4. Sold Timeshare - that is a big one

5. No office supplies bought at all

Sorry I needed to ramble... see you tommorrow

Updated Debt Balances

August 23rd, 2006 at 01:14 pm

Whoopee the money from the timeshare came through - I can't believe it so I have paid some more towards my debt:

Starting Debt on the 12 July 2006:
Home Remodeling: $345 PAID
CC1: $715 : Now $714
Timeshare Levy: $730; PAID
Bank Overdraft: $929; $754
Loan from Dad: $857: Now $643
Swimming Pool Renovation: $1429; Now $1429
Private School Fees: $1219; Now $899
Car Loan: $11073; Now $10 478
Bank Overdraft 2: $7000; Now $6857
CC2: $13716; Now $13100
CC3: $15918; Now $15714
HEL: $57143; $56 643
First Mortgage: $114286; Now $113714

TOTAL DEBT: $225360; Now $220 945

Paid: $4 415 since the 12 July 2006

Decided to track the total amount I have paid off - think it will be more motivating that way but I am going keep a running tally under my bio.

Jeez this is going to take ages Frown

But every step of progress needs to be celebrated I guess.

I am really feeling depressed at the moment don't know if I am going to make sales target so I had to keep some of the timeshare proceeds back for month end expenses.

I so badly wanted to make a huge dent in my debt ...

I want a stable salary...

August 23rd, 2006 at 03:25 am

That was my thought today as I was driving to finalise my timeshare closing.
Sales is wonderful BUT there are times when the thought of a stable salary is sooooooo tempting. I work on commission only, which has great tax advantages but in the slower months it can be a real challenge.

Seems in the past it didn't bug me so much because I wasn't so focused on paying off debt. Now I can only imagine what it would be like to get a definite amount each month and be able to budget with a known income.

Oh well… the joys of being in sales.

Goals for tommorrow:
1. Close 4 deals and send out invoices - only closed one!
2. Follow up on 3 calls done last week - spoke to one client and left messages for the other 2.
3. Price things for Garage sale - not done
4. Finish skirt for daughter - done
5. Follow up on Timeshare payment - done
6. Make 5 new appointments for next week - made 2
7. General office filing - some done

Timeshare documents finalized and now waiting for payment *sigh*

Better day today...

August 22nd, 2006 at 05:54 am

Yesterday I was really feeling down and demotivated - suppose that is part of the path to recovery. Have 2 more days to go and then I have 200 days of no gambling - whoopee Smile

Had a call from a debt collector last week, if I don't pay them by the 31 August they will sue. This is the first time this has ever happened to me and I felt terrible. I was so embarrassed. Have put that debt at the top of my list of things to pay this month and then it will be gone. It is the balance of the timeshare dues... $244

Have to go and finalise the documents for the timeshare sale tomorrow at 9am and collect payment - yippee!!!!

Managed to sell a few clothes that I no longer wear - another $30 towards debt.

Have finally sorted out all the stuff for the garage sale now all I need to do is price it.

Got an order yesterday - small but a nice contribution to my sales target.

DD went to play with a friend today and I was helping her choose something to wear when I realised (I mean really realised) that she is down to only a few outfits because she has grown so much. I have got to, got to, got to make her some more clothes but somehow I just never seem to catch up with her growth spurts.

Spring has almost arrived thank goodness - I hate winter even though our winters here are mild compared to the US.

Oh BTW I forgot to mention that DD was riding her bike around the pool on Thursday and fell into the pool, bike and all. The water is freezing and she got such a fright but managed to see the funny side of it. I laughed so much I was crying - her bike was abandoned in the deepend and she just stood looking overwhelmed.

We no longer have a net over the pool because DD can now swim - the kids here in SA learn to swim early because of our climate and so many homes have pools. I think that if the net had been on, she would have hurt herself quite badly but either way she helped me fish the bike out of the pool with a huge smile on her face. Last night she told me she would have a story to tell her teacher when she starts school again.

Oh well back to work...

Feeling the pressure...

August 21st, 2006 at 01:49 pm

This weekend was extremely stressful - I am not enjoying knowing that I have so many debts as a result of so much stupidity. Jeez if only I knew what I know now 5 years ago.

This debt freedom journey is going to take ages and right now I am really frustrated - the timeshare money still hasn't hit my account, I haven't been paid yet and I have $10 left in my purse.

My aunt treated DD and I to brunch on Sunday and must have seen how stressed I was - she gave me $75. I called her today and told her that I would only use it if I really needed to. She replied, "Well that is up to you" - what does she mean by that. Maybe I need to accept it as a gift and not be so stubborn. I don't know.

Weekend Activities Completed:
1. Finished DB's comforter cover & pillow cases
2. Baked a Birthday cake for DB and took it to him with DD as a surprise
3. No Spend Day on Saturday
4. Finished a skirt for DD
5. Tidied my sewing room
6. Cut out and started a second skirt for DD
7. Took sewing machine to Bernina so that they could sell if for me.

Today, I had so much work to get through and didn't even finish it all - I have had a headache all day and I think it may be because of the pressure...

Goals for tommorrow:
1. Close 4 deals and send out invoices
2. Follow up on 3 calls done last week
3. Price things for Garage sale
4. Finish skirt for daughter
5. Follow up on Timeshare payment
6. Make 5 new appointments for next week
7. General office filing

I just pray that I am going to make my sales target this month - I really need to earn bonus!

Okay I am off to bed now

Spending over 2 weeks...

August 18th, 2006 at 09:47 am

I am shocked - I have just added up all the little but necessary expenses we have had since I started this journel (which is one of the reasons I started tracking) and we spent...

$200 exactly Frown

Wow, I thought I hadn't spent much - just goes to show.

I would never have thought it would add up so quickly - now I understand the value and impact of no spend days.

Goal tomorrow: NO SPEND DAY!

I'm so excited...

August 18th, 2006 at 09:38 am

(you know the song) well that is me tonight.

Have a great sales lead and have managed to get specialist support from the USA to assist with the sale. Just gotta blow my competitors out of the water - goodbye and goodluck this deal is gonna be mine!!!

Now all I need is some money - I hate mid-month, we get paid monthly and I have about $20 (miscalculated last time I checked) left until I get paid or the timeshare gets paid. Think it will be easier next month - this is only the 4th week that I have been on a budget and really focusing on getting rid of debt - actually think I paid too much toward debt and didn't leave enough for daily expenses.

Oh well, also the first month without credit cards - a challenge in itself.

It is my brother's birthday today - no money for a gift but we are taking him a homemade birthday cake and I will make a new duvet cover and pillow cases tomorrow.

One thing about having no money is that you get really creative with what you have Smile - that part is fun.

Looking forward to the weekend, tomorrow I promised DD that we would turn our kitchen into a bakery and stock up the deepfreeze i.e. muffins, waffles, cup cakes, crunchies, choc chip cookies. At least that way we have snacks taken care of.

I still need to get stuff sorted out for my Garage sale - I need to time it so that everyone has just been paid. Think DD can get involved too and sell some of her toys that are no longer played with.


There goes my no spend day...

August 17th, 2006 at 08:13 am

This is a really tough challenge - I have only managed 5 No Spend Days since I started on the 8 August.

Today when I got home DD showed me a fever blister on her mouth - ouch. So off to the pharmacy $2.71 for the ointment.

Needed gas so another $22 and that will only last until next week.

Not large sums of money but the end of a No Spend Day.

Having read other journals I think that to start out I must try for 10 days out of the month versus the 7 - 14 consecutive days some of you are doing.
This is definitely a mind set and it sure makes you realise how disorganised you are or how much better things would be with the forward planning.

Will be diving into the deepfreeze tonight for a homemade precooked meal - just don't feel like cooking tonight - at least we are avoiding the takeouts.

In fact we haven't had takeout since the beginning of August - Hmmm didn't think that this was possible.

Had to add water to the swimming pool today so that will boost the water usage for the month. Urrgh...

DD has grown again - I swear I am going to put bricks on her head Smile Everytime I look her clothes are too small or getting too small. Wish she had an older sibling for the hand me downs or an older cousin... but her cousin is a year younger and 2 sizes smaller - don't think that would work?

Guess I will be back in my sewing room again this weekend...

No spend days..

August 17th, 2006 at 02:25 am

It amazes me how you all clock up so many no spend days. I thought I would have another one yesterday but we needed bread, milk and colddrinks.
Spent $12.86 - not too bad but I wanted a no spend day so badly.

Today I have 2 client appointments - hold thumbs - I am hoping for an order from at least one of them.

Have to put gas in my car today Frown but if I get an order it will be worth it.

When I finish work today I am going to go through the store room and look for stuff I can sell at my Garage sale - I haven't had one yet so I may be surprised with what I have to sell.

Last night, DD and I had leftovers for supper so that was a no cost meal.

DD is on school holidays at the moment - I have to find something that we can do together that doesn't cost money. Any ideas?

See you later...

Looking forward to tommorrow...

August 16th, 2006 at 10:42 am

Spoke to the buyer of my timeshare today and I should be getting paid for it tomorrow Smile

First thing to do:
1. Get current with CC2
2. Save my mini EMF
3. Renegotiate a lower rate with CC2

Then I think I will let it sink in that I have some extra money to put against debt and see if I make bonus at the end of the month. If I don't I will need to use some of the money towards daily expenses.

Either way, what a relief Smile Smile

Met with the CEO of my client today and he wanted to see if I would be interested in negotiating towards the end of August. Told him it would depend on whether the Managing Director had left or not - that was the most important issue. Then of course, secondly what they were offering.

In the meantime, I have to stay focused on working towards my sales target - don't want to get sidetracked on something that may never happen.

Feeling better today - just the leftover headache from my migraine. Think an early night should sort that out.

Roll on tomorrow...

Nothing happening today..

August 15th, 2006 at 01:28 am

Just as I was getting through so much I am battling with a migraine today.

Have just taken my meds and now I am back to bed.

Might check in later

7/10 Things complete...

August 14th, 2006 at 11:24 am

Last update for the day:
1. Proposal for client from todays appointment DONE
2. Make appointment with lead I got today DONE
3. Start work on re-accreditation for one of our products that has had some updates NOT DONE
4. Make 2 other appointments with clients
5. Update client files from today DONE
6. Supper from leftovers DONE
7. Sewing 2 hours NOT DONE
8. Sell clothes NOT DONE
9. Advertise Bernina Serger on the internet (we don't have ebay here )DONE
10. Prepare for appointments tomorrow DONE

I love it when I can check off things that are complete.

Good day today ALSO a no spend day

Goals for Today

August 14th, 2006 at 04:42 am

3rd Entry for today but this is such fun - it amazes me, how much I feel accountable when I enter goals or a "To Do" list in my blog. It really keeps me focused.

1. Proposal for client from todays appointment
2. Make appointment with lead I got today
3. Start work on re-accreditation for one of our products that has had some updates
4. Make 2 other appointments with clients
5. Update client files from today
6. Supper from leftovers
7. Sewing 2 hours
8. Sell clothes
9. Advertise Bernina Serger on the internet (we don't have ebay here Frown )
10. Prepare for appointments tomorrow

Maybe I will have time to check back later for my 4th entry - we will see...

New Debt Balances...

August 14th, 2006 at 04:34 am

I decided that I would update my debt balances twice a month so here goes:

Type of Debt: Starting Debt: Now 14 August 2006

Starting Debt on the 12 July 2006:
Home Remodeling: $345 PAID
CC1: $715 : Now $642
Timeshare Levy: $730; Now $244
Bank Overdraft: $929; $874
Loan from Dad: $857: Now $643
Swimming Pool Renovation: $1429; Now $1429
Private School Fees: $1219; Now $899
Car Loan: $11073; Now $10 478
Bank Overdraft 2: $7000; Now $6857
CC2: $13716; Now $13624
CC3: $15918; Now $15714
HEL: $57143; $56 643
First Mortgage: $114286; Now $113714

TOTAL DEBT: $225360; Now $ 221 761

Paid: $3 869

Oh wow, I can't believe it - just goes to show how careful daily spending and frugality does make a difference.

I can't wait for the end of the month (I get paid monthly) when I pay off some more.

Now just to get my timeshare sale finalised ie waiting for payment and earn my bonus.

Hmmm - feeling like I have made some progress Smile Smile Smile

Good start to the week...

August 14th, 2006 at 04:18 am

Have just got back to my home office from seeing 2 clients - 2 really great appointments. The first one, the client just needs a final proposal and then they will be ready to make a decision.
The second appointment, one of the key decision makers gave me a lead to work on in the corporation.
If I can close the first client - 40% of my sales target achieved Whoopee!!!!!!!!
The second opportunity may take a little longer but that's okay, it will give me a head start into 4th Quarter.
Feeling much better today compared to Friday.
This past weekend I managed to:
1. Clean out and tidy my office and it looks wonderful. You can actually see the top of the meeting table.
2. Cleaned the swimming pool.
3. Had friends for a BBQ - have owed them a return invitation for sometime now. They brought the salads and I provided the spare ribs - it was yummy..
4. Spent a couple of hours in my sewing room last night but never finished anything.
5. Got to bed by 10:45pm - the earliest in ages and felt much better for it this morning.
6. No spend day on Sunday

See ya later...

All good plans...

August 12th, 2006 at 08:51 am

Why is it when you want to do so much nothing happens the way it is meant to?

DD started with temp last night & woke up this morning with a sore throat. So off to the doctor - strep throat and sinusitis $26 for the consult and then $42 for the meds. I felt so sorry for her, at this age they are so listless when they are sick. So I have been trying to keep her entertained and quiet.

Did manage to get to the library though, figured she would need some books to keep her entertained. Contributed $4 for late books and made a donation of some brand new books I was finished with - otherwise I would have ended up paying $23.

The good news though is that I found a generic for my Chronic Meds so instead of paying $60 each month it will only cost $10 Yeah a nice saving.

Went to the store but was really disciplined and only bought what we really needed - spent $5.43

Hopefully DD will want to go to bed early tonight and I can get into my sewing room for a couple of hours.

Plans for the weekend:
1. Finish DD sweats and make her a skirt
2. Sell some old clothes
3. Clean the swimming pool
4. Return books to the library - they are late so I will be contributing to their income -DONE
5. Take my new Serger Sewing machine to the Bernina shop. They think that they can sell it for me.

See ya tomorrow...Smile

Feeling better - TGIF...

August 11th, 2006 at 12:17 pm

Took the afternoon off and am feeling better now... not so irritable.

Plans for the weekend:
1. Finish DD sweats and make her a skirt
2. Sell some old clothes
3. Clean the swimming pool
4. Return books to the library - they are late so I will be contributing to their income
5. Take my new Serger Sewing machine (which I bought 2 years ago because I NEEDED it but have only used 5 times) to the Bernina shop. They think that they can sell it for me. Really hope so = more money to put towards the EMF

My EMF fund is non-existent at this stage as I am still trying to get current with one of my CC. About $2500 to go and then I can start at Baby Step 1 which is $1000 in an EMF separate banking account.

Oh got a call from the CEO that I spoke to earlier this afternoon, he wants to take me out for lunch next week. He says that he wants to discuss the possibility of me joining them to open up a new division in their company.

I am not even looking for a job so the offer will have to be excellent with great benefits if they want me to consider the offer. It is nice though to get these offers as they really boost your confidence.

Well we will see what happens...

Now it is time for a hot bath and bed with my book.

Urrgghhh...what a day

August 11th, 2006 at 05:29 am

Please Lord can today be done.
Today could be put down as frustrating and yuck and it is only 2pm...
Went to see a client about 35 miles away to find that he needed some support materials but hadn't told me. Now I have to go all the way back next week - the value of the order doesn't even cover fuel costs.
The next potential client asked that I show them how our product works by doing a workshop with them. At the end they were happy with the result but had the audacity to ask "when can you do this again for us". This mentality of something for nothing drives me insane - I left there feeling like they have no intention at all of buying from me AND that they had just got 2 hours of free consulting. When they call again, I will tell them that these services are only for clients...etc The directors of this company are multi-millionaires but won't invest in their business - I guess that is how they got to be so rich. Well I have made my contribution FOREVER.

Sorry I needed to vent.

Oh but that is not all, another client wanted consulting time on Wednesday next week and is now refusing to pay for my time. Basically told him where to get off and asked if they ran their business giving away expertise (of course I know they charge fortunes). Oh well I don't think I will get any more business from them for a while. Called the CEO of the company to explain what had happened and he told that this employee was on his way out anyway and that I wasn't to worry. Just goes to show.

Now I am going to take some time out and go and read my novel for a while - just not in the frame of mind to call anymore clients.

At least we will have a no spend day Smile hahaha

Tired tonight..

August 10th, 2006 at 11:24 am

I managed the income producing goals but I just seem tired this evening and if I try to sew when I am tired then I mess things up.

Tomorrow I have 2 client meetings - hoping to close some new business.

Also, waiting for a client to make a decision on a proposal I submitted last week. Hold thumbs... Will contribute nicely to my sales target.

Yeah tomorrow is Friday - will get time to get some more stuff done.

Oh, btw I converted our gas prices here in South Africa to USD and guess what we pay $4.57 per gallon - I think it may just be time to start cycling.

Found a bunch of stuff in my office so no need to buy office supplies for a while Smile

Have sold my timeshare now I am just waiting for payment - that will take care of a chunk of debt - whoopee, yippee, yeah... I am so excited.

Now to increase my income with bonuses!!!!

What a start to the day...

August 10th, 2006 at 02:17 am

Overslept - woke at 09am when DD friend arrived to play. Thank goodness I work from home and don't have a clock watching boss.
Then just to make me even later, I discovered that I had run out of my Chronic Meds and we needed some grocery essentials.
Off to the pharmacy - $60 later - I have to sort out my medical insurance (why is it that my disorganisation always ends up costing me money).
Spend another $25 at the grocery store for really basic essentials - why is it that when the gas price goes up everything else goes up. Frown

Goals for Today:
1. Call 10 clients for followup appointments DONE
2. Update account plans for these 10 clients NOT DONE
3. Tidy out office and put aside extra supplies so that I am not constantly looking for stuff or rushing out to buy. DONE
4. Sewing room - 2hours - need to finish daughters sweats NOt DONE
5. Tidy house for 15 minutes DONE
6. Bake cookies while preparing dinner tonight NOT DONE

Back to work...

I am off to bed - just too tired tonight to do anymore.

Will check in tomorrow

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