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Updated Debt Balances...

June 27th, 2007 at 04:46 am

We got paid on the 25 June and I have just finished paying all bills for the end of June and the debt balances are:

Start Debt:
7/12/06: $236 978
5/29/07: $29 150 + $55 600 = $84750
6/27/07: $26 859 + $32 894 = $59853

Car Loan: $11073 Now $ 6748
CC2: $ 13716 Now $ 6832
CC3: $ 15918 Now 13279
Tax Liability: $55600 Now $32 894

Reduced by $2611 since 5/30/07

I am battling with the Tax Liability - I just don't know how I am going to get enough money together to pay this by the 28 Feb 2008.

Every time I look at what I need to save to pay this, I go straight into "overwhelm" - I think it is a good thing that I only look at the totals once a month and not everyday.

This month I have drawn cash (only $300) to carry us through until next pay day - a real challenge on it's own.

Thank goodness my employer pays for my gas (I commute about 60 miles per day) otherwise it would be even tougher.

I really make a concerted effort to focus on what we have and how Blessed we are - it is the only way to keep things in perspective.

BTW It snowed in Johannesburg last night - the first time in 25 years!!!!! Hmm wonder if this Global warming is starting to really impact us.

The funny side though - South Africans have no clue what to do in the snow - we have never had to clear snow off cars, drive on iced roads and snow tires - what are those????

Even the airplanes are not equipped to deal with de-icing - all our flights were delayed 2 - 3 hours this morning.

Have managed to get my $20 Challenge account up to $338 by adding change and getting paid for sewing. Am so tempted to add this to a debt payment but then I remind myself that I may need a washer soon - so the money is lying in a separate wallet in my drawer.

Well back to work...

Have a good day

4 Responses to “Updated Debt Balances...”

  1. D Says:

    I think I would stay focused on all I am accomplishing at the present time. Then in about October, I would contact someone at the taxing authority and tell them where I am at financially and how much I can pay and work it out with them.

    At this point, and looking at your past accomplishments, I would say you will make your deadlines financially without the call. This amount is much smaller than what you paid off in the last year.

    My guess is you will be debt free by February 2008. Stay on track and remain focused.

    I can only say, shocked with the snow. Yes, I do believe Global Warming is the culprit.

  2. lieweheksie Says:

    but the snow was such fun and so pretty- my colleagues and i were playing in the park next to my office this morning :-)
    as to your tax liability- just keep adding every spare cent to the total, maybe just only pay the minimums on the rest for now

  3. boomeyers Says:

    I can't wait for snow! How exciting!
    I think it is great that you are sticking with your guns and putting money into the challenge account!
    The only thing I can say about the tax debt is PRAY! Smile

  4. Freeme Journey Says:

    Thanks for the feedback - as for the snow, we didn't have enough in our area to "play" in - maybe next time (about 25 years from now!!)

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