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Signed the docs for my car...

February 16th, 2013 at 01:10 pm

So the saga of the car ends today!!

My friends decided that they didn’t want to sell the car I have been using since December, so my search was speeded up and…

My aunt and my cousin found me a car - 2011 model, marked down because the new shape and model was launched last year and they had excess stock; we ended up paying $12995 for a car with 14,000 miles, 5 year warrantee and 5 year service/maintenance plan.

And how did I finance it?

(Blush) I gave my $4000 and my aunt gave me $4000 and the rest was loaned by the family.

So I have incurred more debt and there are no excuses!
So now I add $4995 to my outstanding debt and increase my monthly debt payments by $100 per month.

Although I am conflicted about the debt I feel like it was the right decision for me at this time. To have a car finally that is not going to cost me a fortune like my past 2 cars did, is going to give me more peace than the extra debt.

If things get really tight then I will need to do an extra shift a month and that will cover the payment.
At least I don’t have to worry about breaking down or not being able to get to work because my car is in the workshop or how am I going to pay for repairs etc etc....

Had to have a tooth removed on Friday and this time I went to Maxilla Facial Surgeon instead of letting the dentist do it – what a difference. No pain, no swelling, no nothing – it was well worth the extra cost which I believe is going to be covered by medical insurance anyway.

Had another NSD today – not counting the car!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

Need to get back to studying tomorrow and the weekend routine – haven’t been at all organized the past week. So need to:

- Finish the laundry
- Ironing
- Clean the apartment
- Study for at least 5 hours
- Help DD with a school project
- Tidy up
- Menu plan for the week (pay day is only on the 25th so we have eat what we have!)

That’s it for today … see you tomorrow…

PS Will do the update of the side panel tomorrow!!!!

2 Responses to “Signed the docs for my car...”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    Congrats on the new to you wheels. It always feels good to have a car that is in good condition to get you where you need to go. My previous car was in running order, but had various problems (heat did not work well, A/C did not work at all, driver's side door and door locks did not work, blinkers did not work, etc.). And the list goes on. On 12/31, my sister in law and brother in law's house burned down. They had a car they wanted to get rid of anyway and we thought it might help them to replace things that insurance might not cover, so we bought the car for $400! It's a Cadillac. It runs remarkably well and everything works! We still have to take care of some minor maintenance issues on it.

  2. freeme journey Says:

    Now that's a great deal - happy driving and thanks for the thoughts Smile

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