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Why do the days pass sooo.... fast....

February 6th, 2013 at 11:17 am

it seems like an hour ago I was making my last entry and yet a full 24 hours has elapsed???????

I was asking one of my patients (71 yrs old) today - "why does it feel like we never have time for everything - I seem to remember my mother having time to bake, sew, visit friends, play tennis, help us kids with projects etc."
Her answer was "we were satisfied doing more simple things more of the time compared with now, now we want to do all the exciting advanced new things most of the time! I see it with my grandchildren they are so caught up in technology - when they look up 3hours are gone and they haven't even had a conversation with anyone!"
Hmmm... something to think about...

This evening DD has to complete a project for her second language, Afrikaans (similar to Finnish, Dutch) so I put away my study stuff, took supper out the freezer and decided to do it with her - a small thing in my life but a big thing in hers. Actually, the conversation during the time together was more important that the project result (in my humble opinion anyway) - I got to find out all the gossip at school, who says what about who, what the teachers are doing/not doing, what the friends are up to etc and now have a better idea of the new class she is in. BTW we start our new school year in January (not like you in the USA in the fall) so getting caught up was great.

AND we had a NSD again - #3 for February!!

Managed to do my 2 hours of study tonight but battled a bit because Wednesday and Friday I start a surgical slate in the OR (Operating Room) at 06:30 and today was a long one but we finished on time at 4pm Smile

Since I have been back as a Registered Nurse in the OR, I haven't had to buy clothes except a replacement pair of jeans now and then. As you all know we work in scrubs and leave them at the hospital for special cleaning. So when we returned DD's speedo yesterday I saw a dress and pair of pants I really liked - well loved - until I saw the price!!!!!!!!! Didn't like them anymore - how do you girls and guys afford to dress yourselves in different outfits everyday. I would battle now after 4 years of scrubs. Must take some pretty nifty mix & matching Smile

Well those are my thoughts for the day ... take care everyone... see you tomorrow...

2 Responses to “Why do the days pass sooo.... fast....”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I like that you asked your older patient about time. I think their is much truth in that observation.

  2. snafu Says:

    I think so much more is demanded of us in each of our roles, wife, mom, sister, EAR [expected to listen to other people's problems], employee, home manager, DIY diva, nutritionist, chauffeur, buying agent, cook, janitor, 1st aid clerk, social consultant, investment agent, gardener, home decorator, housekeeper, laundress, tailor and others that only come up occasionally.

    It's sometimes overwhelming and I'd like to limit activities to gran's household priorities and extended family social activities. My mom worked two or three days a week on rotation and my bothers and I were expected to pick up the slack, get dinner started and daily chores. Not doing an assigned task was serious. There was time to do crafts, visit with friends and enjoy family.

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