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Made it back but only after I got my study time in ...

February 4th, 2013 at 12:42 pm

After making supper from scratch tonight all I wanted to was come back here and start catching up everyones news but a Monday evening is a study evening for me - so I managed 2 1/2 hours and now here I am Smile
Thanks for the welcome back.
Today was relatively busy at work - but managed to leave the hospital on time at 4pm and fetch DD from school by 4:30pm.
Had planned supper last night so it was easy to prepare and eat (& I made an extra 3 portions for freezing) - the takeouts since I have been studying part-time have been taking unnecessary money out of our budget - so I decided yesterday - no more unless it is a special occasion and not just convenience/laziness.
Didn't spend a cent today - NSD #2 for February
Tomorrow DD has swim training - I bought her a new speedo about 2 weeks ago but it doesnt fit properly so before we can go I will have to take her to change it to a smaller size or even a different style. But at least I wont be spending money.
Still no news on the car - really wish my friends could decide if they are going to sell the car to me otherwise I am going to have to start looking around. Cars in SA are really expensive, so finding good deals can take time.
Will get into more details about the budget and the challenges as I get back into the daily entry
Have a good day ... "see you tomorrow..." Smile

2 Responses to “Made it back but only after I got my study time in ...”

  1. snafu Says:

    Two consecutive NS days is terrific, Good on You for planning ahead and staying away from fast food. Learning about SA differences as we're not permitted to return swim wear. I find it helpful to jot a meal plan for the week, we don't necessarily eat specific meals on the designated day but by week's end it's worked as planned. Mondays are always too busy, over scheduled so dinner is always fast and simple. Wednesday is vegetarian or at the very least grilled cheese, soup & chef salad. Friday is leftover buffet like Pita bread rounds spread with pizza sauce, two kinds of shredded cheese and filled with whatever was left-over M-Thur. No two are alike.

    This winter has been so miserable, leftovers have been incorporated into soups made hearty with either pasta, barley or navy beans all aromatic in the crockpot.

  2. freeme journey Says:

    Cool ideas - thanks

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