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Missed my entry yesterday...

January 16th, 2008 at 05:50 am

because of my procrastination. I finally had to finish sewing the school drawstring book bags for the Gr 0 students - they started school this morning and I had to deliver them today.

Soooo... there was I sewing until 3:30am thinking "why do I leave everything until the last minute urghh"

Then getting DD up for school at 06:45 was a challenge for both of us - she is worse than I am in the morning. She was so excited to go back to school for a new year - ah my little girl is in Gr 3 already.

Got back from dropping her at school and decided to work for a couple hours then try to get 2 hrs sleep and I am so pleased I did!!!

I got my first order confirmed today - yeah $142 commission.

Also got a really good lead today from the office which I followed up immediately and sent the information.

Spent in the last 2 days:
* Food $22.46 - used our vouchers for chicken on special, baking margerine, flour, bread (for freezing)
* Gas $14

Cooked last night in bulk:
* 1 Chicken made into Chicken al la King with rice = 5 meals
* Ginger Cookies - not impressed with the recipe. I got half way through and thought hmmm this is not the right consistency for cookies so had to do some last minute adjustments. They taste okay but I won't be using that recipe again.

Really need to dust and vacuum the apartment - it looks like a bomb shelter

Although I was tired last night, I really enjoyed getting into my sewing room. Love creating something from nothing. Really need to make a point of doing more INSTEAD of sitting at my computer reading journals Smile Smile

Added $1.77 in change to my EMF
New Total: $42.20

Am off to fetch DD from aftercare then make supper, tidy up and into bed early

See you tomorrow...

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