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Saved some more...

January 10th, 2008 at 06:41 am

by returning Christmas gifts which I really didn't like/need and put it towards some things DD needed for school:
Shoes: $24.29 Paid $15.71
Meds: $9.14 Paid $2.29
Total Saved: $15.43
Change from Wallet: $1.57
New EMF Total: $19

I felt bad returning the gifts but decided that it was more wasteful leaving them in the cuphoard. Jeez the shoes were expensive but it is part of the school uniform and she will wear them everyday - not much choice here. There were less expensive ones but they were badly made and didn't offer much support.

Work today - even better than yesterday Smile Smile
Got 2 appointments confirmed with major corporate clients - one next week and then the 1/28.
Contacted another 8 clients and told them about my move and 3 of them replied via email wishing me luck - now I just need to call to schedule appts.

Took DD for an ice-cream as a treat - she has been so good today. Has hardly interrupted me while I have been working and she tidied her room.

Decided to start screening my calls today - I am tired of the harrassment from the CC companies. They can leave messages and I will reply when it suits me otherwise I just get really ratty and my work suffers.

It amazes me how little gas I am using now that I don't have to commute everyday - one of the major benefits of working from home. So today when we were on our way back from the mall I was able to drive right past the gas station.

Food supplies are a bit low but will still manage for about another week or so.

Really starting to enjoy my work again which is a welcome change after last year. The company I worked for last year was not a good one for me - I just couldn't settle and found the arrogance towards their clients very hard to understand (not to mention their outrageous pricing). Out of the 11 people there was only one person I really got on well with - it was a tough one but look where I am now!

Many people find it hard to work from home but I love it - I get so much done and I love the flexibility i.e. today I worked from 8am until 1pm and then went to the mall until 3pm. Worked again from 3pm to 4.30pm.

It also means that I will be able to go to DD's sports events this year without having to "ask permission".

And lastly, the harder I work the more I earn - a benefit of being commission only and there is no limit to what we can earn,

sooooo as you can hear I am feeling better today

What a rambling entry - see you tomorrow....

1 Responses to “Saved some more...”

  1. JanH Says:

    Oh, I loved your cartoon! I sent it to my therapist. She'll love it since we are both a bit "cracked."

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