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A better work day...

January 9th, 2008 at 08:09 am

After taking DD to her friend I started work at 9am and hooray I managed to work consistently until 2pm - a great improvement and I got LOTS done.

BTW thanks for all the encouragement - it means so much. Smile

Tried to sell some things at the Second Hand shop - no success, I walked out with everything that I walked in with and actually saw the funny side of it LOL

Took $2 out of my purse and put it into my EMF wallet - so I have started. Every little bit helps and it's a start.

Think I may have got my first sale today - got a lead from the office and called the client. Think he was a bit shocked at how quickly we got back to him. Hold thumbs - $142 commission. Will let you know when he confirms his order.

Generally a better day. Hung the washing inside (tempted to use the drier but resisted), tidied the kitchen, packed the dishwasher and am about to start supper.

My challenge tonight:
STOP spending so much time reading journals and get the ironing done - DD is complaining she "really really doesn't have anything to wear" Smile

At least there is a movie on TV that I can watch while doing it.

Will check in again tomorrow...

1 Responses to “A better work day...”

  1. shiela Says:

    Think of that $2 as a seed that one day will grow into something beautiful.
    Keep it up.

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